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Reiki Level 1 workshop

Yoga House & Spa
Lamai Yoga House Spa, Hat Lamai 4, Baan Lamai, Surat Thani Province, 84310, Thailand

Don't miss this unique opportunity to get the basic Reiki knowledge for a very affordable price! Come to our special training by Dasha in a small group and benefit from this energy therapy!

* Dasha, originally from Spain, has been working with Reiki in addition to other energy therapies such as floral essentials, bioenergetic filters or biomagnetism for 7 years (more details are at https://amanatherapies.weebly.com/).
* Reiki is an energetic work that helps to perceive our energy and the energy of others, it's very useful as self-treatment and relaxation therapy.
* Reiki means Rei (Universe) Ki (Vital Energy), therefore we could understand it as the channelling of universal energy into your own energy. Some of the beneficial effects of Reiki are; relaxation, change of behaviour, leaving behind vital situations that prevent us from moving forward, feeling better with ourselves, being more consistent in our actions, etc.

The workshop is mainly practical and is recommended to people who want to start on the path of inner knowledge. We will do some meditation, sensitivity work, we will test group Reiki sessions, we will talk a little about what it is and what Reiki is worth and we will tune in to the first symbol. You will be able to do Reiki treatments for your personal use.

The contribution fee to join this workshop is 500 baht. Number of participants is limited, so please BOOK YOUR SPOT IN ADVANCE! Contact us via PMs to Yoga House & Spa or +66 824 271 284 (WhatsApp is available).

  • 9 November
  • 17:00
  • (~2 hours)

Location: Lamai (Yoga House Spa, Hat Lamai 4, Baan Lamai, Surat Thani Province, 84310, Thailand )

Phone: 082 427 1284

E-mail: info@house-yoga.com

Web-site: http://house-yoga.com/

We are here to provide a unique, cosy space in the middle of Lamai, Koh Samui, and you are really welcome! Enjoy our yoga classes (different styles and meditations; beginners and experienced; group and private yoga), stunning Spa treatments and variety of therapies.Looking forward to see you soon in Yoga House & Spa!

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