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Chili Contest Lamai at the Lucky Lady - funded Dog Rescue.

Lucky Lady Pub
Lamai 137/7 Moo 3 T. Maret, Amphoe Koh Sa-Mui, Surat Thani, Thailand 84310

(Deutsch, siehe weiter unten)
Saturday, 16.11. it will be spicy! In the Lucky Lady we organize our Chili Contest.
You can eat spicy? You love chili? Or you like to see it when others have overdo themselves in spicy :D ?

then you are right with us. The winner gets the content of our Spicy-Box.

Rules and procedure:
The Lucky Lady Team donates 500THB and puts it into the Spicy-Box.
Participants put 20THB in the Spicy Box per round.
In front of you on the table is everything you need to neutralize the spicy pain.
Water, milk, bread, yogurt. Further wishes are welcome.
If you want to drink or eat something during the contest, you have to put 50THB in the Spicy-Box and you can take a glass of milk, for example.
We count who has used what aids how often.
After a clili has been eaten, the participants have to sit at the table for 15 minutes. whoever stands up is eliminated.
Whoever has survived the last round and has taken the least aids will receive the contents of the Spicy Box.
We count the money and the Lucky Lady donates the same amount to Dog Rescure Samui.
We open at 6 pm and would like to ask participants to be with us before 8 pm.
Fire extinguisher and a doctor will (hopefully) be on site :D
we open 6:00PM

  • 16 November
  • 18:00
  • (~4 hours)

Location: Lamai (137/7 Moo 3 T. Maret, Amphoe Koh Sa-Mui, Surat Thani, Thailand 84310 )

Phone: 090 069 8858

E-mail: kai@luckylady.pub

Web-site: https://www.facebook.com/LuckyLadySamui/

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