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Tom Muay Thai Camp
Bophut ซอยชุมชนเฉวงใหญ่ 1, อำเภอ เกาะสมุย สุราษฎร์ธานี 84320, Thailand

We invite everyone to train, regardless of gender, age and level of fitness.


training in the group:

2 workouts per day

6,000 baht - month

4,500 baht - 3 weeks

3,000 baht - 2 weeks

1,500 baht - 1 week

3,000 baht / month - 3 times a week

300 baht - 1 training

Personal lessons: 1 hour 800 baht

split training - 1000 baht

  • 3 November
  • 12:00
  • (~2 hours)

Location: Bophut (ซอยชุมชนเฉวงใหญ่ 1, อำเภอ เกาะสมุย สุราษฎร์ธานี 84320, Thailand )

Phone: +668-630-272-88

E-mail: tommuaithai@gmail.com

Web-site: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008400847463

We are glad to welcome you on the site, even more pleasure to shake hands with you in our Muay Thai camp!

Training on an island paradise in a beautiful, picturesque place - on a mountain overlooking the sea and the cleanest air - this is the dream of any fighter. Moreover, in our case, these trainings are held in Muay Thai homeland with trainers-masters of their work.

You will like that with us you will be able to calmly communicate in Russian and English, because our hall is the first and only on Koh Samui, which is owned by our countrymen.

The hall was opened in July 2013 and since then has successfully raised fighters. When you achieve good results, and maybe you are already an experienced fighter, then you can be given the opportunity to test your will and bones for strength!))

Fly to visit - the effectiveness of training and pleasant, relaxed atmosphere will not leave you indifferent. Surely you will look for an opportunity to come back to us to improve your spirit and body.

Always open

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