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Orgasm reflex - dynamic meditation / body practice

GROM Samui
Maenam Базарная 1 кв 78
from 300฿

I, Ekaterina Gromakovskaya, art therapist, will conduct a dynamic meditation / body-oriented practice REFLEX ORGASM.

It helps to remove blockages and release tensions from the first and second energy centers (chakras) of a person, after which the body is immersed in maximum relaxation. You get a surge of cheerfulness and creativity.

✅This practice:

🔥 perfectly relaxes the body

🔥 relieves blocks and tension from the body

🔥 strengthens faith in yourself and your capabilities

🔥 improve well-being and cheer up

🔥 helps you experience more enjoyment of life

🔥 adjusts your vibes for high and pleasure

🔥 helps to get rid of fears, complexes, clamps and control over your body

🔥 helps to trust your body more and calm your mind

🔥 helps to improve the quality of your intimate relationships, sensations become brighter and tastier

🔥 wishes come true very quickly

✅Take with you:

- yoga mat

- killer clothes, better leggings to make you feel comfortable

- good mood

- your favorite treat, you may get hungry after practice.

Pre-registration is required by phone +66 617 51 17 02 or

+38 066 646 99 67 (WhatsApp, Telegram)

💵 Payment is free, how your heart feels ❤️

🎥 Video review at the link: https://www.facebook.com/justhappy777/videos/416105986456295

  • 27 October
  • 14:00
  • (~2 hours)
GROM Samui

Location: Maenam (Базарная 1 кв 78)

Phone: +66 94 351 11 05

E-mail: gromakovskiy@gmail.com

Always open

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