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Lipa Noi beach

Location: Lipa Noi (Surat Thani, Donsak Peir - Koh Samui, Lipa Noi Pier, Thailand )

Always open

The uncrowded beach of Lipa Noi. There are few hotels here, the beach is not very popular among tourists, and in vain - in fact, in some respects it is one of the best beaches in Koh Samui.

The depth in the sea is average here - you can swim both at high tide and at low tide, and most importantly, there are almost never waves here. They often even come here from other beaches, when the sea becomes turbulent. Especially Lipa Noah is loved by vacationers with children - the entrance to the water is rather flat and children can calmly splash around the shore, but the depth is not very far, i.e. adults can safely swim. The water is clean and clear enough - not Tongtakian, of course, but cleaner than on many other beaches.

Distance from popular beaches is compensated by the proximity of the center of Samui - the town of Nathon, where you can find all the necessary infrastructure. On the beach there are several cafes, restaurants and massage parlors. There are almost no party places here, except for the Nikki Beach Club, where parties are held periodically.


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